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Wasn't There

I wasn't there when you needed me,
I realize now that I've let you down.
My heart aches for your forgiveness

Foot In Mouth

I need to think before I speak
sorry for putting my foot in my mouth

I Went Too Far

Please forgive me
I went too far

My Hormones Are Out of Control

Sorry my hormones are out of control

We Haven't Reached a Solution ... Yet

I'm sorry we haven't reached a solution ...yet
please don't give up

Apologize For Jealousy

I'm trying to work out my insecurities
I apologize for my jealousy

Haven't Been Patient Enough

I have not been patient enough
please forgive me

Haven't Been Attentive

I haven't been attentive

Lack of Discretion

I am sorry for my lack of discretion...

Out Of Touch

Sorry I've been out of touch
Let's meet for coffee

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